Fall Semester

  • ECE 7610 - CMOS Integrated Circuit Design

Investigates the behavior of microelectronic devices in digital circuits and helps the students develop an understanding of the relationship between the device physics and the device static and dynamic characteristics; short-channel effects in scaled-down transistors; scaling laws; VLSI fabrication technologies; design and layout of digital integrated circuits. Includes laboratory assignments emphasizing computer aids in VLSI design; schematic capture, circuit simulation, and layout of custom integrated circuits.

Spring Semester

  • ECE 8001 - Advanced Semiconductor Devices

Introduction to optoelectronic devices: solar cell, LED, photo diodes, and laser diodes. Review of MOSFETs, semiconductor physics, band structures, band structure modification by alloys, heterostructures, and strain, phonons, mobility, transport in heterostructures. Metal-semiconductor junctions, MESFETs, MOS capacitors, charge coupled devices, heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBT), MODFETs, power semiconductor devices, wide bandgap semiconductor.